European Pair Go Championship 2014

Helsinki, Pitäjänmäki bridge arena, 2-4 May 2014


  • Tournament venue: Bridge Areena, Hiomotie 10, 00380 Helsinki
  • Thinking times: 45 minutes and 15 seconds byo-yomi
  • System: Six rounds of Swiss or McMahon system, depending on the number of registrants. Pairs of dan level may enter the top group. If there is no pair of dan level from a country, a pair of 4 kyu or stronger (being the official pair from an EGF member) may enter the group.
  • Japanese rules, as well as the Japanese International Pair Go rules are used.
  • Places to SportAccord World Mind Games 2014 in Beijing and the World Amateur Pair Go Championship (WAPGC) 2014 are available for the top two pairs of the European Pair Go Championship 2014. The first pair  may choose which tournament to go and the second pair will get the other.  However, only amateur pair may get a place to the WAPGC. If there is no amateur pair in the top two or a player from an amateur pair achieves professional status before the WPAGC, the next amateur pair will be chosen instead.
More information on Travel and Accommodation.
Registration should be done by email to the address Please state the names, ranks, clubs and nationality for both players in a pair (the players must have the same nationality). Practical questions may also be directed to the mentioned email address.
The current registration list is visible in the Suomigo wiki.




Friday, May 2:
17:00 Registration
18:30 Lecture by Su Yang, 6 dan
19:30 Opening ceremony
Saturday, May 3:
9:00-10:00 Registration
10:30 Round 1
14:00 Round 2
16:30 Round 3
Sauna, Ida Aalbergintie 1, bring your swimming suit
Sunday, May 4:
9:00 Round 4
11:30 Round 5
15:00 Round 6
17:00 Awards ceremony


Side tournament


There will be a side tournament, with 5 rounds of McMahon played on Saturday and Sunday.


Palkittu dokumentti, joka gon pelaajille näyttäytyy loistavana trillerinä kahden vuoden takaisesta ajasta.


Pohjoismaiden mestaruuskisat järjestettiin tänä vuonna Oslossa pääsiäisenä. Henry Hemming 2 dan voitti tiukan kisan.
EGC 2018 järjestetään Pisassa, Italiassa heinä-elokuun vaihteessa.